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Post  Christina Demetriou Mon May 12, 2008 3:05 pm

Hello everyone,
I apologize for not visiting the forum until now, I was in Greece for a dance competition, but now I am ready to communicate Smile . I look forward to interacting with all of you exchange our ideas and experiences about water. I am also looking forward to learn about your culture and your ways of thinking Smile .

I am from an island called Cyprus, and I have a bachelor degree in education, now I am doing my masters in educational leadership. As a part of my final thesis I decided to conduct a research concerning water and environment in general. Through the specific research I started to emphasize on water shortage and the impact that the environment has on our psychological, educational, physical etc. wellbeing. The research included an outdoor field study in which the students and I visited a local lake and checked the quality of the water (outdoor learning).
In the forum I will participate in the second work-group (Letter and Culture Force). I will apply my writing skills in order to conduct a report and a tale. I work at a research center so I am familiar with the process of writing a report and as a teacher I have a lot of creative ideas and imagination to write a tale Smile and I really look forward to do so. Besides the work I do I am also a professional dancer, I love animals, music and the environment.

Well see you in Torino everyone!

Best regards

Christina Demetriou

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hello!!!!!! Empty Hi Christina!

Post  Lenadarlene Mon May 12, 2008 9:00 pm

What kind of dancing do you compete in? I love dancing and I go to afro-caribbean, salsa, samba and other latin dances every week! I sometimes think maybe I should have tried a little bit harder when I was you and I would have a dancing career. I also met my man Marcelo in dance class, we met dancing merengue!

Yours sincerely

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hello!!!!!! Empty hi Lena :)

Post  Christina Demetriou Sat May 17, 2008 5:13 pm

hi lena Smile
im so glad to hear that you love dancing Smile, i dance mostly hip hop, locking, hype but i have a primary degree in salsa dancing which i love but i have to learn more about Smile hope you can show some steps because i forgot most of them Smile. ill see you in torino then, if i ever get there, i have to change 3 aeroplanes and i am afraid because its the first time i get to travel alone. see u in torino Lena Smile

Christina Demetriou

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hello!!!!!! Empty salsa

Post  irinatobosaru Sun May 18, 2008 5:25 pm

hello Christina,
my name is Irina and I come from Bucharest, Romania.I will participate as member of the 3 group, but I'd like to have dialogue even with the others participants.
I'm Assistant Prof. Ph.D. in International Economics and International Trade.This is my job but my hobby is dancing and I read that you already go in competitions of salsa. There are few months that I've started salsa but I like it a lot Very Happy. And since 1 year and a half I do others type of dances as: tango, samba, rumba etc. in another school.
I am very glad to meet you in Turin and speak about dancing and of course about the water's subject.
see you Tuesday sunny


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