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Water with a taste III: Beer

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Water with a taste III: Beer Empty Water with a taste III: Beer

Post  Lieven Paelinck Belgium Sat May 17, 2008 3:17 am

'Beer brewed carefully, consumed with care.'
Several parties in the Beer/food chain, signed 'the convention of Arnoldus' stating some ethics in the promotion and consumption of Belgian Beer. Raising awareness of different forms of use and abuse.
Thus encouraging people to savoir-fair and savoir-vivre a beer culture.

The rich and many distinguished tastes of Belgian Beer is well known.
When pest and epidemia were striking the regions including nowadays 'Belgium',
beer was our only potable liquid, since the sources were infected and the fermentation purified the water.

I am certainly not an expert, I have my tastes and preferences.
The Biellese Menabrea has a reputation trough the water quality of the region.
I wonder about how Belgian brewers take the water quality and taste in consideration.

Feel free to add, comment, ask, share, ...

Lieven Paelinck Belgium

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