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Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR”

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Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR” Empty Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR”

Post  mourad-tunisia- Wed May 14, 2008 9:24 pm

Hi Everybody,
I hope that you are so fine!
I see that the discus about our performance is in the good way.
I think that we must plainly our work, but first you have some questions to clarify if we want realise our objective.
We have in our mind that our objective is to realise a collective performance containing various kinds of artistic expressions on the principal topic of Water and dialogue between Cultures in the euro-med space.
So you must discus two thinks: Resource and Constraint

- Sure we are devised on 5 sub group but really I haven’t any idea about the activities of a great number of you because in the profile there is no thinks!!
- I have in my mind some ideas for the décor and design, but I don’t know if there is the possibility to have some material. Have we a budget for this, or we must pay for our self; some one have an Idea?
- How much time we have for the realisation of “WATER AS A MIRROR”?
- For which public we going to “play” and for how long of minutes?

With the list of material send by Ms Bengtsson in the e-mail of the 9th ; I think that we must realise a common list of material that we need for the realisation of the performance before the 20th to know what we must bring with us.

So, for example what do you need for the stamp or stickers Jonathan?
Please with the proposition of idea, every participant notes the materials that it need.

About stamp Jonathan!!
We can realise a body painting in the place of stamping, like this we introduce an artistic touch what do you think.?!!.

Have a good night dear friends!!


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Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR” Empty i reply for my self!!!!!

Post  mourad-tunisia- Fri May 16, 2008 11:45 pm

Good evening everybody
Thank you Ms Bengetsson for your e-mail and the clarifications of many thinks!!
Thank you too for you Samah, I see that you are so motivate for the Forum. I find your idea about the dancing with jars interesting, I think that we can be a part of our performance, we can represent some Cultures by dancing… the jar is represent the preservations of Water.
if the entire group are ok for the idea, we can bring some small jars; personally I can bring 2 or 3 in my luggage.
The idea gives by Samah push me to thinking!!
I want to discuss with you an idea that I think can constitute part of our performance; may be at the beginning.
My idea consists on a conversion of the scientific history of constitution of Water in our Earth on an art work that regroups the 5 sub-group.
Synopsis of this Idea:
From milliards of year (about 4 milliards) the earth didn't contain any tastes Water; it was constituted of magma in boiling point and gas shut in under the crust.
When the temperature arrived to the maximum, there was a big explosion that has liberated the magma and creates tectonic plates that form today continents. It also had the shut in vapour cleared. This vapour has been transformed then in cloud and in the longest rain that lived our universe. It has rained for many thousand of years without stop.
This torrential rain was the source of 50% of water that exists on our earth. The 50% that remain were formed all along millions of years by comets that hit the earth and that shut in the millions of water litters.
I imagine the theatre with a cosmos décor; behind the public a great screen that we can use to combine the projection of some images or videos that illustrate our ideas with manual artistic realisations.
We can realise the scenography of magma, vapour, clouds and the torrential rain with light, cloth, painting, balloons, dancer in movement, smalls paper that we can liberate from up there theatre …
What do you think friends?!!!


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Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR” Empty set design

Post  asamaria Sat May 17, 2008 11:52 am

Dear Mourad
I like your ideas! Please bring them to the forum!
See you there


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Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR” Empty Re: Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR”

Post  Ameur Jeridi Sat May 17, 2008 3:08 pm

Hello, dear Mourad. I'm really happy with your contribution as well as with your colleagues in Group 2. You have the chance of being with a polyvaent artist: Swedish Great Maria. I'm sure that your Group, under her supervision, guidance and insight, will grant us all a great pleasure.
Good luck and See you.
Ameur Jeridi
Ameur Jeridi

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Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR” Empty Re: Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR”

Post  doumandji Mon May 19, 2008 6:53 pm

hii mourad ,you have a lot of imagination ,sorry i took a lot of time to answer i dindt connect to the forum since a lot , happy to know that the magreb is well represented ...

i'm much more for a story with a lot of emotional feelings than a scientific one Idea ..for exemple a sory of a fountain were people met or a love story ,or a sory of a weeding ,with of course effects music and dance performances ...i hope you understood what i want to say ..
tommorow we will meet inchallah all of us ...

ALL DIFFERENT BUT ALL THE SAME lets enjoy every second Wink

Tommorow my friends


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Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR” Empty Re: Call to plainly “WATER AS A MIRROR”

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