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More ice to be broken...

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More ice to be broken... Empty More ice to be broken...

Post  Ameur Jeridi Wed May 14, 2008 12:01 am

In the Online Forum, we are to introduce ourselves and express our motivation and desires, together set the ‘rules of the game’ for our meeting... to make ‘water speak’. All this is to provide us all with ‘food for thought’, ‘food’ for ‘water’, ‘food’ for our joint experience in Torino and after.
Later in Torino, during our first meeting session, everybody is going to introduce only her / his name, the remaining information to be supplied by the rest of us in a background-guessing game (or the opposite).
The output and material we are to gather from our interaction will serve our discussions and ease our production in Torino.
I’ll expect everybody’s soonest feedback so that we could start our lively exchange with all group members for good.

1. Who am I ? How would I best introduce myself ? (for those who haven't registered yet)
2. Why am I here? What is my inner drive for applying for participation? What is the motivation?
3. 'Any other business'...
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