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Post  palestine ashraf taha on Sun May 11, 2008 11:39 am

member in work force

Anna-Lindh Foundation – Paralleli Institute
Torino Youth Forum, 21-24 May 2008

Group 1: Water, Heritage and Intergenerational Diaglogue
Work Forces (Teams)
Team Tasks Members Output
1. Torino Map Force (TMF) • Take pictures• Write short comments
• Draw a ‘Torino Water Route Map’ ,Ashraf Taha (Palestine),
Torino Water Road Route

3. Synergy and Solidarity Force (SSF) • Youth Torino Declaration
• Euromed Water Alliance project ,Ashraf Taha (Palestine), A Declaration
An network project
4. Media Comm° Force (MCF) • Documentary realization (video, picture, text & sound)
• A radio broadcast
• Website / Blog construction
,Ashraf Taha (Palestine),
A documentary film on the Group’s work
A radio broadcast
A weblog (=blog) for the group’s work (to be possibly integrated into the Forum website)

can i be in this 3 Work Forces (Teams)
ashraf taha
palestine ashraf taha
palestine ashraf taha

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Post  Ameur Jeridi on Sun May 11, 2008 8:09 pm

Dear Ashraf,
Do you mean Work Force 3 (Synergy and Solidarity Force (SSF)) or 4 (Media Comm° Force (MCF)). If 4, will you tell in what way you'd be useful?
Ameur Jeridi
Ameur Jeridi

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