Tapping the Bottle - Bottling the Tap

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Tapping the Bottle - Bottling the Tap

Post  Lieven Paelinck Belgium on Sat May 17, 2008 2:10 am

Dear members of the Forum,

In my research presentation/paper I mention my link to the Belgian Mineralwaters of Spa (www.spawater.com),
and the ones of Biella (www.lauretana.com).
A worldwide overview on bottled water can be found here: www.mineralwaters.org
Although bottled water has many disadvantages (www.earth-policy.org/Updates/2006/Update51.htm),
the water of Spa became part of my hi-story...
And buying glass bottles within 200 km from the production plant is better than buying the PET-bottles.

Am I allowed?
Am I indirectly blocking others right to free water?
Is that hi-story/heritage, part of a whider culture?
Is that hi-story/heritage, part of a marketing strategy for the benefit of the shareholder?
Shall I turn to the tap?
Spare one sip out of my mouth and donate it to Pachamama?
Use that Brita-Filter?

Feel free to add, comment, and share your thoughts

Lieven Paelinck Belgium

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